How to Remove Footer Credit of Blogger Templates [Latest]

If you are new in the blogging field and want to use some premium blogger themes for free by removing footer credit then this post is for you. In this article, I will share with you the easiest trick to remove footer credit on the Blogger theme. 

How to Remove Footer Credit of Blogger Templates [2022]

There are many websites like Templateify, Templateyard, Gotaboya template, etc. who are selling premium blogger templates with a minimum of $5 to around $60.

They also provide some free versions of templates that come with a footer credit. They also put some unused javascript which eventually slows down the website loading time. They also provide some premium support.

But for new bloggers like me who are just starting their blog in blogger platform instead of WordPress and want to use some premium blogger templates for free.

So here I will provide you with some codes which will bypass the premium theme coding and you will be able to use your own footer credit on your blogger theme. 

NOTE: Some blogger templates come with a Non-removable credit link and if someone tries to remove them then your blog will automatically redirect to the original website. 

It is really annoying and it happens because the theme developers put some javascript code in it to protect the theme piracy. In that case, if you don’t remove that footer credit then your website works perfectly.

So, in this blog post, I will provide you with some tricks to avoid the redirection of the website after removing the footer credit.

NOTE: This post is for only informational purposes. I’ll not recommend you remove footer credits without the permission of the developer of the template. Please Respect the Hard work of Developers. 

It only takes 3 minutes to change the footer credit of any blogger template without redirecting to any other website.

Here are some free themes you can use on your Blogger website: 

  • Litespot Blogger theme
  • SEO Pro Blogger theme
  • News Blogger theme

Before proceeding below steps make sure to take a backup of your Blogger theme. So that if you do anything wrong you can reverse back to the original by uploading the backup file. 

Steps to remove footer credit In Blogger:

Step-1: Go to blogger dashboard >> themes >> Edit HTML. 

Step-2: Press CTRL+F and in the search box type "designed by" or "crafted by" as written in your footer area, then you will find this type of code in it as given in the screenshot.

How to Remove Footer Credit of Blogger Templates [2022]

Step-3: Here paste the code in this area below the footer copyright id.

Download File

How to Remove Footer Credit of Blogger Templates [2022]

Step-4: Change it with your website URL and name in the code.

How to Remove Footer Credit of Blogger Templates [2022]

Step-5: Add a new </div> tag here for the code.

Now the footer credit of your blogger template changed and if you face any redirection problem after changing it then you can follow the following steps. if you don't face any redirection then you can skip this step.

Go to the HTML section and find the below code and remove the code. make sure to back up your theme before proceeding with any changes to your theme shown in this tutorial. if anything goes wrong then you can easily back to the original position.

If you follow the given steps you will be able to remove the footer credit of any premium blogger templates without any redirection issues. 

if you face any type of problem with it you can ask me in the comment section.

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